Mojito - Mix 'n Drink

Although you are at home you love try a bar quality cocktail. We have great news for you! now you can enjoy your favorite cocktail mixed by yourself in easy and convenient way. You need  our "Mix 'n drink", liquor and some ice only.  


Pour 2 3/4 oz using a jigger sounds greek to you, righ? forget about pouring and measuring, that's our job! Our mixologists have worked to make your life easy. Our philosophy "just add liquor" let you - add spice to our bottle - till mark and that's it. 


Mojito - Mix 'n drink is perfect to enjoy this classic cocktail. This mojito is unique for what's is in it - Fresh mint, fresh lime juice and real sugar - . You can add your favorite white rum for a perfect cuban style. Soda water on the house!



Mojito - Mix 'n Drink

  • Ingredients: filtered water, fresh lime juice, fresh mint, Homemade simple syrup. Free from artificial colors & flavors.

    Alcohol pairing: whire rum

    Color: opaque, light green

    Size: each bottle is filled to make  aprox 25.36 oz of mixed drink. 5 servings per container

    Serving size: 5 oz


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