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Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis


 is missing 

to welcome 

your guests...


let's introduce

mix'n drink

A new way to mix cocktails at home by yourself with cero experience, cero equiments and cero stress.

mixed just for everyone  

(+21) able to raise a glass

Group of people.jpg

love at first sight


You love real experiences and unique moments especially related to friends and family. We love real as well, so naturals ingredients are picked by our team to produce our always fresh blend. If thinking about it made your mouth water, imagine that epic moment when you try your cocktail ready. Mostly people will say "mmmm" and passionate ones say " O M G "


What's in it? all flavors nature gives us and no preservatives! please take into account it is a perishable item and must keep refrigerate before and after open. Because it is ALL NATURAL there is no way to make and storage for this reason our blends are made ON DEMAND! So If you are planning a celebration for having fun with friends make your order ASAP. 


ready & faster than you say

Alarm Clock

" I want a passion fruit daiquiri"

Mix'n drink is Hyper easy to use, just add liquor till mark and then in the blink of an eye you'll enjoy a bar quality cocktail. No bartender skills needed, No equiments, No jiggers, No shopping task for ingredients. So, party on and on and on! 


(and they) really want to drink... 

carry what you

Boring to try same things for drinking? people always share wine and beers, you do the same for sure! mostly time wine is drop off in a kitchen gabinete, isn't it?


Now, you can get  Mix'n drink and carry to anywhere to made a delicious cocktails. Who  doesn't enjoy a fresh margarita or mojito?


Show your express bartenders skills! everything you need to mix drinks like a pro is our blend and your own alcohol. Our delivery service is available for a greater convenience, so you can spend your time in things really important for you.  

changing world while having fun


There are a lot of celebrations but planet there is only one. Your contribution is important for preserve our environment. Here you have 2 alternatives for becoming in a zero waste hero!

Mix'n drink was made to use only blend (mix cocktail) necessary for an amount of alcohol. How many times do you buy products which are discarded as waste because you use a little amount and then expired for non use? Energy and resouces are consumed for its production. Now, you can stop this practice, this is a real responsible consume! 

All deserve a second chance! stickers used in the bottle are completed removable, so you can re-use this glass bottle as many times as you wish. 



now, it's time to pick you fav!

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