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Great cocktails mixed wherever

the party is!

Alkohol Bartending & Refreshments

You've never enjoy a bartending service like this!

Parties are for having fun! We want to everybody comes back home safe. Our bartenders are trained to manage the risks associated with alcoholic beverage service. Our goals are prevent:

- intoxication -

- underage drinking -

- and drunk driving -



take care of


we will not only help you figure out what to serve based on cocktail menu of your event and your preferences, but will also tell you how much of everything (including mixers, ice, cups,fruits, etc. if applicable) to buy. Having a savvy person who’s done this a hundred times give you a list of what to buy means you won’t buy excess booze and save money.

You'll know 

 booze to buy

how much


General liability and Liquor liability insurance gives you a layer of defense against claims stemming from our alcohol service. Ability to pay legal costs for defenses, even in cases where we may not be negligent


peace of mind



We know that our family and friends are a hugely important part of our lives, from sharing problems to have good times. So our bartenders work their magic on each celebration to put smiles on their faces who make them feel so welcome including you. Our day is better seeing that yours is. Leave the service to us and be a Guest at Your Own Party.

You are a


(as well)


fresh ingredients with no preservatives provide a more true flavor. If a cocktail recipe have lemon in it, we squeeze it same event day just so you can enjoy a flavored drink!

It’s simple.

Great ingredients make great cocktails


Why not make sure your party stands out as one your guests will remember long after? We can all get into a boring pattern of serving the same cocktails or "mixed drinks" over and over. Let’s face it. It gets old!  we can introduce new drinks that you may have never tried before.

your guests



will be


bar mitzvah   bat mitzvah



in any celebration!

your body and spirit

wedding  corporate  babyshower  birthday  baptism  bachelor party  sex reveal party 

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+1 786.431.88.14

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get startded

to help you

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still in doubt?

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i'm ok. no doubts guys, so it's time to planning my party ; )

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