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Bartending service

we supply skilled bartenders for your events


Bartending service

Alexa, Google and Siri can do many things but making cocktails is just us

Bartending services on your terms

Get to know


Bring your own goods.  Your stuff + our bartending skills

Ideal for: Those who just need a licensed and insured bartender(s) to show up, set up and serve.


Professional bartender

 - Responsible serving of alcohol certified

 - Food safety for handlers certified

Planning Consultation & Event Bar Management

Complimentary  shopping list.

Bar area set up & clean up

Essential bar tools & equipment

Ice bucket & scoop

Bar cleaning supplies

Certificate of Insurance (COI) provided upon request

Minimun booking: 4h I Additional service time available upon request

Travel (Up to 25 miles)

On-site bartenders may vary depending on the cocktail menu and guests count.

Every reason to have our service in your event

Fresh ingredients

Great ingredients, great cocktails!


We showing up on time all time

Dressed to Impress

You're getting a team that looks great


 Solving complicated problems effortlessly


We are  open, kind, and welcoming

Perfect complements to enhance your bartending service


Keg cocktails

Every gathering, no matter how small, deserves enjoy delicious cocktails 

Convenience at its best
Pre-batch cocktails delivered for your special occasion

Perfect for gatherings of up to 10 people! Whether it's an intimate birthday celebration, a special dinner, a laid-back backyard BBQ, a karaoke night, a cozy brunch, a housewarming party, or any occasion worth celebrating!

Mixed a cocktail has never been easier, just add the liquor and that's it. You got the "mixer"  into the keg from us and you make the magic pouring the "alcohol" at your own place.  

How it works?



Select your "MIXER", Schedule delivery and make a payment.



Receive your Keg with "MIxer" . Be prepared at home with the booze!



Open Keg, Add the liquor, close it.

Have fun!

You've got a menu of 4 options to choose from.
We know it's easy for you to identify by color, so that's what we did.


Passion Fruit puree, Fresh lime juice, House syrup


Watermelon, Hibiscus tea reduction, fresh lemon juice


Pinapple, fresh lime juice, Bitter, House simple


Fresh lemon juice, Blue curacao, House mint syrup

Why having a keg at your small party is a great idea?

  • No bartender needed on site, that means less money spending in a small party.

  • Easy to mix. We did the hard work for you.

  • Our designs are crafted to complement your favorite booze (tequila, vodka, white rum)

  • Great cocktail with fresh ingredients

  • Cause drinking wine or beer is so boring :)

Mixology class party

Learning is just an excuse to have a good (boozy) time with friends

Woman with Cocktail

Who knew shaking and stirring could be so much fun?

Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, friends' night out, bachelorette/bachelor parties, corporate celebration, or any other significant event, a mixology class party guarantees a memorable blend of learning, entertainment, and socializing.

Curious about what's part of the experience?

  • 2 mixologists of our staff.

  • Unlock the secrets of mixology in just 2 hours and shake up your favorite cocktails like a pro!

  • Learn and drink 2 cocktails.

  • Personal Sets for every guest.

  • Table and chairs.

  • We've gathered all the essentials for you!

Who's eligible to dive into this exciting experience?

Participants must be of legal drinking age, ensuring a spirited and responsible mixology experience. Perfect for both men and women eager to shake things up and have a blast.

We recommend small groups – the perfect setting for a more personalized and enjoyable time.

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