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Cocktails hand-craft with care


Repo Tequila I Orange liqueur I Pineapple acid I Orange juice I Agave I Saline solution

Sweet & Fruity


Gin I Citrus liqueur I Organic tangerine juice I Cacoa pearls


Email for my crush

Solera rum I Passion fruit liqueur I Honey syrup I Sparkling wine

Sweet & Fruity

Keep Calm and take your Thyme

Vodka I Fresh pineapple juice I Fresh Lemon Juice I Grapefruit juice I House thyme syrup I Boston Bitter I Tonic Water

Bitter & Complex

Man go for it

Whisky I Aperol I Mango I Fresh lime juice I Grapefruit bitter

Bitter & Complex


Discover the top picks loved by our customers—the most wanted and best-selling favorites. Will these cocktails win your heart?

Passion Daiquiri

White rum I Passion fruit puree I Fresh lime juice I Sugar syrup

Sweet & Fruity

Lychee Martini

Vodka I Lychee liqueur I Lychee puree I Fresh lime juice

Sweet & Fruity

Smoky Rum Old fashioned

Solera rum I Demerara syrup I Bitters

Smoky and Earthy

Lavender Sip

Gin I Lavender house syrup I Fresh lemon juice

Herbal & Aromatic

Spicy Tamarind Margarita

White tequila I Orange liqueur I Fresh lime juice I House jalapeño syryp I Tajin

Spicy & Warn


Each sip is a unique journey, blending innovative flavors for a drink experience like no other

Samura i

Tequila I Jalapeño infused aguardiente I Amontillado sherry I Fresh lime juice I Fresh green apple juice I Soy sauce simple

Smoky and Earthy


Yerba mate infused cacacha I VodkaI kiwi I Cucumber I Ginger I Fresh pineapple juice

Bitter & Complex

Pink Flamingo

White overproof rum I watermelon I Grapefruit I Guava I Fresh lime juice

Sweet & Fruity
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