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Because who needs a hangover when you can have a laughover with a fun, booze-free drink!


Soda water I Fresh lime juice I Organic mint I Sugar syrup

Herbal & Aromatic

Virgen Colada

Fresh pineapple juice I Coconut Cream I toasted coconut flakes

Sweet & Fruity

It's mango thyme

Ginger beer I Mango thyme syrup I Fresh lime juice

Spicy & Warn

Passion Daiquiri

Passion fruit puree I Fresh lime juice I Sugar syrup

Sweet & Fruity


Lemon/Lime soda I Cucumber I Fresh lime juice I Mint

Herbal & Aromatic

Rome(r)o & Julieta

Soda water I Rosemary syrup I Blackberries puree I Fresh lime juice

Sweet & Fruity

Paloma sin alas

Grapefruit soda I Grapefruit juice I Fresh lime juice I Spicy bitter I Tajin

Spicy & Warn

Lavender lemonade

House lemonade I Lavender syrup

Herbal & Aromatic
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